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Getting a Booth at Phoenix Comicon

Anyone who knows me, knows that one day I want to show at the San Diego Comicon. That is truly the mother of all comicon events. However, the Phoenix Comicon isn’t too shabby. Its freaking HUGE! I’ve been checking the site for the last two months waiting and waiting. Today, a friend of mine told me that she received an e-mail stating that the artist alley tables were sold out! WHAT?!? I checked the website and it still has the message “…to be announced…” on it. What is going on here?

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Holidays are Busy

I look forward to the holiday season but, sheesh, is it a busy time of year. I barely finished my Christmas shopping. I still have to wrap all of those gifts. I haven’t been able to complete any new art because my niece is visiting and she is all the way from Arkansas (I live in Arizona). Well, actually she was born here in Arizona but moved to Arkansas about three years ago. Anyway, Saturday I’ll be baking Christmas cookies with the family. I’ll be back at the drawing board as soon as the holidays subside!

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I’ve taught art for 11 years and what amazes me is how many times students just go with their first idea. The first idea is not necessarily the best idea. Here are my Deadpool sketches I’m working on for the upcoming comicon. My first draft, the head was too round AND I forgot to add the other katana. My second draft, I like the proportions of the head and I remembered the katana but the handles are different. I keep sketching until I come up with the right combination of proportions, details, pose, foreshortening, etc. ONLY after I’m happy with the image do I ink and color it. I left the correction marks on my second draft so you can see how my artistic process works. Hope this helps!