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Harley Quinn

I read Marvel comics more than DC comics but I have to admit, Harley Quinn is an awesome character. She and the Joker make a perfect couple. Of course, if I’m going to go to the Long Beach comicon I have to do more DC characters. This is what I have so far with Harley Quinn. I don’t know if I should make her look more sinister or keep the cute innocence that automatically comes with chibi characters.

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Long Beach Comicon?

Well, I’m a little disappointed about the Phoenix Comicon but then I thought that maybe its for the best. I need to branch out and tap into other markets instead of just staying here in my back yard. I had a lot of success when I drove to Tucson so maybe this is fate telling me I need to go out there and find other venues and stop being afraid to push my artistic style. Hmmmm, food for thought.