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Star Wars Characters

Okay, so I’m working on some new stuff for the comicon and I have to have a few Star Wars characters (otherwise I’m a total idiot if I don’t include that in my resume). Anyway, I have to say that some of these characters are a royal pain-in-the-butt to draw. Darth Maul, for example, has some serious tattooing on his face! Boba Fett has a detailed costume that is a pain as well – sheesh! Well, I better stop complaining and start drawing.

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Deadpool is a very popular character so if I’m showing at both Long Beach and Phoenix comicons I better have him finished! I’m experimenting with my color schemes. This one, I think, is way too red. I gotta think of a complimentary background to Deadpool’s red costume but not over do it.


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Long Beach Comic Expo

This is very exciting to see my name in the list of artists showing at this year’s Long Beach Comic Expo!

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Practicing Coloring

Coloring on the computer is new to me. I like it because if I make a mistake all I need to do is click a button and I can undo the mistake. If its a lot of mistakes, I can delete the layer I’m working on. Its so much easier but at the same time so much harder than traditional ways of coloring. I have to plan my process when I’m working on the computer versus just letting things happen. I was practicing coloring on Thanos using Adobe Photoshop. Hmmmm, I NEED TO PRACTICE MORE!