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For the Comicon

Darn it! I just checked my schedule and I will be at the Long Beach Comicon instead of here in Phoenix to watch my arena football team the Arizona Rattlers. I’m bummed about that but excited to be at the comicon. Thank you for the positive response to my last post about my passion. It was an unexpected surprise. Here are two colored pieces for the show: Dr. Doom and Catwoman. I’m done coloring my fan art so now I can work on my original art. HERE COME THE ANGELS!

Cat-Woman Dr.-Doom


What is My Passion

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing fan art: Darth Maul, Wolverine, Batman, but I really need to do my own thing. How many artists are successful copying other people’s ideas? Not many. My passion is to use my art as an inspiration to others. Reality can be a dreary place and it helps to have someone in your corner saying, “Yes! You can do it!” Anyway, I was thinking of doing my own art with angels as my theme. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes but here is a sketch I did of the type of inspiration I want to do with my art. The Great Recession, North Korea’s bullsh*t, lunatics shooting up schools and shopping malls, I like to think there is a guardian angel out there for everyone…we just have to listen.


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Darth Maul

Its very difficult to make a bad ass character in the cute “chibi” style but I think I got Darth Maul. What do you think? I even added his double-sided light saber! When i finally get around to coloring this bad boy it will look even better.


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How Time Creeps Up

So I’ve been getting ready for the TWO comicons I’m showing at and I was thinking, “I have a lot of time to color my art.” WRONG! I’m already getting nervous that I won’t be able to finish on time. I’ve got the flats on three characters so far but I still don’t think I’m working fast enough. The weekend will be a good time to catch up. UGH!