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Batman is a very popular superhero. I’ve sold out of my Batman prints at two of the three comicons I’ve been to. So why make another Batman? Well, I need to keep ideas fresh and show superheroes in a different way. So how do you show a guy dressed as a bat in different ways? Hmmmm, thats what I’m working on!


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Storm and Female Superheroines

Okay, I don’t know if its just me but I think female superheroes don’t get as much play time as male ones. I can count only two movies, Halle Berry in Catwoman and Jennifer Gardner in Elektra, that have been made. Maybe there are sparse movies because the comics scene is low on female starts as well. When I printed my art for the comicon something told me to only make five copies of each female character. I was right, I should have only printed five of each. With the exception of Harley Quinn, I really don’t see females characters as a big pull.  Why? I don’t know. That’s a good question. A question to which I don’t have the answer. Still, I want to have a well rounded supply of stock so I keep drawing female characters although I admit I don’t have as many females as male superheroes to offer.


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Wonder Woman

Well the Long Beach Comic Expo and the Phoenix Comicon have come and gone. What was missing? My Wonder Woman print! I was going to have her printed up but I just didn’t feel right about the look of the print. I know I’m being difficult with my art (artists are never satisfied with their work) but I didn’t like to lasso of truth. I think I made it with too many flourishes. Anyway, this is my Wonder Woman BUT she is being re-worked.WW