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The Green Goblin

I really like Spiderman villains and the Green Goblin i one of my favorite. Here is what I have for the Tucson and Long Beach Comicons. I really like the coloring on this print. The blues, greens, and purples go well together.


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Ghost Rider

I’ve seen the Ghost Rider movies and read a few of the comics but I never thought of drawing this character for the cons. Actually, I think he turned out pretty good. This is one of the first prints I’ve made with color holds. The fire around Ghost Rider’s head is red instead of black.¬† Sometimes it looks better to have a color where the inking is rather than just the black ink. If you scroll down and look at the Scarecrow, you’ll see a color hold for the fear pheremones.


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Wonder Woman

At this year’s Phoenix Comicon I was asked several times if I had a Wonder Woman print. Actually I did have one but it was left on my computer! I didn’t have it printed This upcom0ing con I will not make that mistake again. At the Tucson Comicon I’m gong to unveil¬† my new Wonder Woman print!


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The Scarecrow

Last year at the Tucson Comicon I was asked to draw the DC character Scarecrow. I was unfamiliar with this character and did the best I could. This year, however, I won’t be caught off guard. I’ve done some research into this character and he is actually a pretty awesome villain. Of course, I had to draw him chibi-style for this year’s con. I hope you like him as much as I do. I even included his fear-inducing pheremones.