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New Online Comic Idea

I teach art at the grade school level but I’m attempting to get my elementary certification so I can teach other subjects as well. What I’ve noticed in the schools is a push to stop bullying. I’m happy that it is finally being recognized as a legitimate problem that causes long-term affects and not just a “right of passage”. I myself was bullied mercilessly when I was in school. It lasted throughout my time as a student and didn’t stop until college. I thought I would do an online comic about bullying that draws from my own experiences. Why? To show that it is still a big problem. I honestly don’t know why people bully one another. I do know that it can continue even out of school and at the workplace! Adult bullying is a problem that isn’t even really talked about, not like high school bullying. Anyway, back to the comic…I’m working on the detail of the main character and how she resolves the many issues of early adolescence. Hmmm, this isn’t going to be easy.