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New You Tube Videos

OMG, it’s been a long time since I did any YouTube videos. In fact, I only have the one video so far (eek). So. . . since I’m a teacher (yes) and I have the summer off (yes), I can come up with new content. That’s my next project!

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A Big Thank You Phoenix Comicon

A great big thank you to Phoenix Comicon and everyone who stopped by my booth. Brian, awesome Manta costume! ARK did Zelda cosplay, well Kyle did. And a big thank you to all the challenging commissions, Ashley and Samuel. I drew a dapper alien and Hancock petting Dogmeat (Fallout 4). It was crazy! Another big thank you to everyone who bought a print or an original. My business partner and I had a blast!

So what’s new? First, a new display. Vanquish Studio has been around the block and will have 25 regular prints in stock at all times (and then the rotating prints). That’s what the display shows! Best part is the easy set-up and take-down. Next year I’ll film the after-con process. It’s best if you can get out quick, believe me! It’s 9 feet tall so the lower prints can still be seen. So it looks good and is functional. I’m going to preview it at Tucson Con later this year.

I’m also beginning work on some more You Tube videos. So far I only have one (eek). So Vanquish Studio will be busy this summer.