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Making YouTube Videos Isn’t Easy

So I’m trying to create some “how-to” videos for my YouTube channel BUT it isn’t as easy as one might think. First of all, you have to turn off your cell phone (I forgot)! You also need to pay attention to the record button. I pressed it and filmed myself setting up. You can see my dog sitting on the floor in the background. UGH! Eventually, I’ll get it but here are some outtakes that just didn’t make the final cut.


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Funny Inspirational Quote

So, as you know, I also have a Facebook page (like it). Anyway, I was scrolling through another friend’s homepage and came across this truly awesome quote. It’s funny but so true. This is for ANYONE who thinks they can’t draw or don’t have any creative abilities. Yes you do! Believe it.


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New Download

A while back I attended a workshop on how to create comic book characters. I decided to make my own worksheet from the notes I took. Here it is! It has a few pointers as to how to create comic book characters. Click on image below and you’ll find the link. The images I used are from a site called