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Trouble with YouTube and My First Video on Site

So I tried to upload my second video to YouTube and what happened? It views right side up on my computer and on my Facebook page BUT not on my YouTube or for that matter my Google Plus account. I don’t know if it’s a bug they need to work out or maybe I did something on my end BUT they do show up. Scroll down and you’ll see the video of my room. I tried to upload that same video to my Google Plus and it was upside down AND backwards. The same thing for YouTube…upside down and backwards. I figured out how to rotate the video so it’s inverted horizontally. WTF does that mean? The right is on the left and the left is on the right and the words are backwards! In fact, I just tried to get to my video and it was taken off!

So I decided to heck with YouTube. I upgraded and I’m going to host my own videos. The first one was coloring Ironman which is on the downloads. I embedded that video when YouTube was working! This is my second video. It’s for beginners and it’s about six minutes long. I recommend using basic shapes when beginning a drawing for two very good reasons. Find out what they are! The download for this video is on my download page.

At the end of this video are some more funny out takes because this filming business takes some getting used to. Anyway…it’s kinda funny. Enjoy!