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Would Have Had Gambit…

So I didn’t get to show my new art at Dev Con this past weekend. YES, I called it Dev Con. I think that law suit about using the abbreviated “con” and copyrighting it is ridiculous.  Anyway, I had finished Gambit but didn’t get to show him off. Now, I really like him as a character when I started reading X-Men (back in the 90’s!) He could charge objects with an energy blast. He always kept a deck of cards in his pocket because they were small, convenient, and plentiful for someone with that particular power – he has 52 charges! I also liked his French/ Cajun accent when he spoke to Rogue. I was soooo upset when the Bryan Singer movies hooked-up Rogue with Iceman! Everyone knows the eternal love struggle in the comics is between Rogue and Gambit. It’s classic forelorn love. Anyway, he was my favorite X-Man and from the requests at comic conventions, a lot of other people like him as well. So I had to draw him. I did have a slight issue with the black eyes. When my manager saw them she freaked out but I explained that Gambit has mutated eyes. That’s one subtle thing about him that can be unsettling. He really can’t hide that he’s a mutant. And his eyes are red which is an emotionally charged color in our society. This was a challenge but fun to draw and I hope you like it.


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Le’mme Explain…

Okay, so I went to the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells over Spring Break. What’s so important about that? I got to see the world number one male tennis player, Roger Federer, play in the championship match. It was awesome. I also saw the most successful doubles team in U.S. history, the Bryan brothers play as well. It was fantastic! Only problem, in all my excitement about the tennis, I forgot to submit my vendor packet for Dev Con for this Saturday. Yup, Vanquish Studio will NOT be there this year. So sorry. But hey, go check it out anyway, it’s a FREE event!


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Dev Con is Coming Up!

If you live in the Phoenix area you can go to Dev Con on March 24th! I completed three new works for it AND I’m changing my style to look more like the comic book style. This is what I have for Dev Con! I also completed Gambit! I’ll post him next week.

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Aquaman Inks!

Aquaman pencils and inks

I’ve finished inking Aquaman. I did the Jason Momoa version since the movie will be coming out soon. I’ve started adding backgrounds to my pin-ups. I think it adds more dimension and will look especially awesome when colored! I scanned in my inks but I didn’t clean up the pencils. It’s important to use a method of drawing called “restating”. Leave the bad line and draw the correct line around it. It makes fixing mistakes infinitely easier!

I’ll have to post the re-boot version of Black Panther too. Stay tuned!!