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Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Check out the footage from the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest!!! Vanquish Studio will be back in 2019 when they change the name to Phoenix Fan Fusion.

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Oh my goodness, another con has come and gone. Thank you, sincerely, EVERYONE who stopped by and bought a print, commissioned a drawing, stopped to chat or just stopped to look at my art. I genuinely appreciate the fact that other people like what I draw. Chibi big heads fused with American comic-style anatomy was a gamble but people seem to really like it. November we are expanding into gaming starting with The Legend of Zelda franchise. That series is very popular and, because of an awesome commission, I have ideas for an impressive Ganon! Speaking of which, if you like gaming check out Kyle’s YouTube channel for gamers, AZ Link. He has a great sense of humor and you get to preview games the AZ Link way.

Thank you again everyone!!!! You made 2018 a successful year.

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New Coloring Pages!

Check out the new coloring pages available! And then bring your creations to Vanquish Studio at the Phoenix Comic Fest. We would love to see you.Vanquish ad1

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Find Vanquish Studio in the 1000 Aisle!

It’s hard to believe but Vanquish Studio will be making a 6th appearance at the Phoenix Comic Fest. Yup, we’ve been showing our art since 2013. Along the way we have shown next to some awesome people like Odd Truth . And met some other VERY talented artists. This Memorial Day weekend is the weekend of total geek-dom…and I love it!!!Vanquish ad1