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Have You Been Sketching?

Grab something around your house and start sketching! Why? The practice!!! I teach art at a local elementary school and I’m always, ALWAYS, asked how I learned how to draw. The truth is, you have to keep drawing get better. And that’s how I learned to draw.

As you draw your sketch notice the lines, shapes, and values of the object you are drawing. Pay attention to the little details that define your object. Keep drawing and having an inner dialogue with yourself about the elements of art that make up your object. If you need to refresh your memory about the elements of art has some great downloads.


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Sketch Challenge! Elements of Art

So a few weeks ago I did a video about sketching where you can and finding what you can to sketch. It truly doesn’t matter what you draw as long as you set a consistent schedule and stick to it! Becoming good at drawing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice, which is why I made that video. Have fun with it while you are learning!

This video is a sketch challenge. I chose three elements of art at random and then drew one object emphasizing each different element. I liked the shape and line drawings the best. I think I could have done more with the texture drawing.

Don’t know what to sketch? Check out this video for some ideas!

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I’ve been making videos about sketching and supplies but I couldn’t decide what my subject would be for my main tutorial videos. Then it hit me! Foreshortening. I’m going to do a series about foreshortening to make your comic book pages really pop. I know that when I first started drawing, my figures were very block-ish. It wasn’t until I really embraced foreshortening that my characters began to look more natural.

My first body part will be the hands. Hands are so expressive. I think they are a close second to they eyes as far as conveying mood and atmosphere. I’m thinking maybe a 4 or 5 part series. Anyway, stay tuned!

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Using Reference Material pt.1

When you draw, people magically expect you to know how to draw EVERYTHING! Well, we are artists, not gods. We need to look at things in order to accurately draw them. Don’t ever feel guilty about using reference material. I use it all of the time depending on what I’m requested to draw: animals, cars, people, buildings. All of these things have their own characteristics and you can’t possibly remember and accurately draw them all.

Since I like comic books, I’m often at a loss for poses. I look through dollar stores and find coloring books. These books have a ton of different poses I can practice drawing my anatomy, foreshortening, and build a library of poses to use for the future.


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Pencils, Which One to Use?

I, myself use a variety of different pencils from the beginning of a drawing to the end. I always start with a non-photo blue pencil to build the image. Some artists use a red lead. Either is fine as long as it is different from your final lead. That way you can distinguish the different lines. A mechanical pencil works best for fine lines and small details. I use an F lead but also an HB lead sometimes. They are both about the same level of darkness for line making.

For shading, I recommend using good old fashioned wood pencils. I prefer Faber-Castell (unpaid advertisement). I rarely use H leads (like the infamous 2H pencil from school). I stay in the B range. The graphite shows up well and they are easily erased.



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Which Eraser Works Best?

I don’t have anything against a Pink Pearl eraser except that they sometimes leave streaks on your paper. I prefer to use a vinyl eraser. Truthfully, the type of eraser you use depends on the mistake. For a smaller area, use the kneaded eraser, for larger mistakes use the vinyl or gum eraser.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Now go sketch!


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What is a Blending Stick?

I teach art at a local elementary school and my students all thought a blending stick was some sort of new pencil. It isn’t. It’s actually used for blending the graphite of the pencil onto the paper. They work much better than using your fingers. The way to use them is to use the side of the stick rather than the point.