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Art Supply Review: Ohuhu Markers?

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20190723_113713A friend of mine recommended buying from WISH so I looked up markers. I’ve been looking for markers that will do the job but aren’t as expensive as Copic markers. I generally use Chartpak AD markers when I draw commissions or original art at comic cons. AD markers are wonderful for laying basic color over a large area and they blend well. The only problem is that they bleed terribly so it isn’t a good thing to use them for smaller or more detailed areas. What does an artist on a budget do? Buy from WISH!

I looked up markers and read a few reviews about Ohuhu markers before I bought them. Then I looked online and found that WISH had a great deal- 60 markers for $24. I ordered them and they arrived in record time.

Okay, let’s break down the pros and cons. First, the markers are an oblong shape and easy to grip which is a plus. Second, the colors are brilliant with a lot of intensity. The ink flows out of the pen evenly and is very easy to use. I love the selection of the colors as well. I made a chart of the colors that came with my set:


The selection of blues, reds, violets, and greens that come with the set is pretty good. I also liked the variety of grays; from warm to cool to blueish grays. It adds options when rendering any neutral colored subject. My only complaint would be to get rid of the fluorescent colors because they looked too much like regular highlighters. I would also add a canary or lemon yellow and not just the two gold colored yellows that came with the set. The good thing about these markers is that you can order any color you want. If the marker is dried out, you can ask for a new one – FREE! The dual tip is also a wonderful feature. The broad tipped edge is perfect for large areas while the smaller, brush tip is ideal for the smaller, detailed areas. There isn’t any bleeding. I used these markers on an original sketch and I didn’t see any bleeding in the smaller areas. I was able to keep areas of my artwork white that I wanted to leave white without worrying about bleeding! The price was definitely right and I’m very happy with how these markers handle and perform.

These markers don’t bleed together like the Chartpak AD markers do and you won’t lose the streakiness of the overall look. If you are coloring a large area on your paper, there will be streaks. Overall, however, I was very happy with my Ohuhu markers. If you don’t have a lot of money and can’t get Copic markers then Ohuhu is a good option.

Below is an example of Ohuhu markers used to color Thanos. I think these markers are a good value. Vanquish Studio officially recommends using Ohuhu markers.


Author: Rebecca S

I am an artist and an art teacher. I teach at a Title I school which has it's own set of challenges. I graduated from the University of Arizona and I currently live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I have a Master's degree in curriculum and technology. In my leisure, I enjoy swimming, mountain biking, nature photography, and making goofy videos.

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