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How to Draw Eyes: Placing Eyes onto the Face

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The eyes are the windows to the soul, which is exactly why they are so hard to draw. Eyes are probably as expressive a feature to drawing a dynamic figure as the hands. This video shows you how to add the eyes to the face and includes a nifty art hack for creating an eye model. You no longer have to ask a friend to stare into space as you draw their eyes. This was a fun video to make. Let me know what you think, helpful? needs work? awesome art hacks? Leave a comment!

Author: Rebecca S

I am an artist and an art teacher. I teach at a Title I school which has it's own set of challenges. I graduated from the University of Arizona and I currently live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. I have a Master's degree in curriculum and technology. In my leisure, I enjoy swimming, mountain biking, nature photography, and making goofy videos.

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