Vanquish Studio


Welcome to my blog! Hmm, a few words about me? My name is Rebecca Sachse (SOCK see). I chose the name ‘Vanquish’ for my studio because no one can ever pronounce my last name! I have been interested in art since I was an embryo. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I have always liked to draw and paint (my mom still has stuff I did from the second grade).  In 1991, I graduated from the University of Arizona (GO WILDCATS) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (illustration).

In 1999, I moved to Phoenix to teach in the public school system. It was scary because I had grown up in Tucson and had to start over — new city, new home, new people. To further my education, I decided to go back to school and, in 2001, I earned my Masters of Education degree in curriculum and technology. I continued to teach introductory art, drawing and painting, and photography for 10 years at the high school level. 

Currently, I teach art at a local elementary school. I really enjoy the enthusiasm and eagerness biopic3of the younger grades to try something new. The lessons and resources on this site are things I’ve gathered, learned, borrowed, experimented with, added to, improved upon, etc., during my years teaching to maximize learning. They are designed to help people become more efficient and proficient at a particular art skill. If you have an idea or suggestion please don’t hesitate to contact me. Have fun and enjoy my site!

Rebecca Sachse
Illustrator, Art Teacher, Life Enthusiast

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