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Vary Line Weight

This is a new video highlighting how to change your line weight to add variety to your drawing. It also shows the newest coloring page I’m working on – Iceman! Stay tuned because I’m releasing it soon.

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Working on Gesture

So I decided on a work schedule for myself in my last post which consisted of gesture drawing. So far, its gesture drawinggoing well. I’m not going to try to exaggerate the body as much because I would like to focus on improving my anatomy. Instead, I’m going to work on proportion.

Did you change your focus as well? Did you decide on a new learning target? If you did, welcome to reflective practice! This is how we get better at drawing, fast. Look at your drawings after you draw them and decide if you need to focus more on one thing or move on to something else. Be constructive and not critical. Tearing down your self-esteem isn’t going to make you better at drawing. I realized that I need to have more accurate proportions (head, torso, limbs, etc.) before I even think about exaggerating those same proportions. It makes sense. But did you notice how I didn’t beat myself up about it? I just focused my efforts so I improve the overall product, my drawing. Reflective practice is one of the best ways to improve quickly. Why? It isn’t destructive and self defeating. Instead, it helps focus and build skill. Try it!

I’m still working on gesture and getting the overall proportions correct, and this is only the male figure! Now I need to draw the female figure in gesture too because I feel I need to improve in that department as well. THAT is a lot of drawing. I better get back to work!

sketch end


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How to Draw the Ear (in Foreshortened View)

I’ve been creating videos on how to draw the face and so far I have the eyes, nose, and lips but no ears. Finally, I have completed the face with – the ear!


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How to Draw the Head in Three-Quarter View

Having trouble drawing the head in a three-quarter view? That can be a difficult position to draw but using the Loomis Method makes it a lot easier!