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Going to Dev Fare!

I’m a graduate of the University of Arizona so it’s really hard for me to show at ASU! Kidding. Actually, all rivalry aside, Dev Fare is a free event put on by students. Vanquish Studio went to Dev Con (at the time that’s what it was called) for the first time, I think, in 2015. It is a fun little, free, comic and gaming convention at ASU West.

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area and have free time GO CHECK IT OUT!

dev fare

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New Etsy Shop

It’s official. Vanquish Studio will be opening an Etsy shop very soon. So many people ask if they can buy my prints online, especially at cons when they’ve spent all their money, and I always reply with a disappointing, “No.” Well, that is about to change. I talked it over with my business partner and she thinks it’s a good idea to sell online. Now comes the tough part: invoices, shipping and handling, and sales tax (just to name a few). It IS going to take some time to create an online shop so please be patient.

The first three 8 1/2 by 11 prints will be the newest ones that I’ve created: Gambit, Aquaman (Justice League) and my Black Panther reboot. These three are the most recent additions to the Vanquish Studio catalog. They show the most recent progression of my drawing skills.

I must admit, I have trouble using my Intuous tablet and Adobe Photoshop together. There is soooo much to learn and improve on it seems never-ending. These three examples show my use of cuts and gradients to create value and develop form. My previous prints tended to be a little flat, but then again they ARE in the chibi style.

Anyway, as soon as I have the particulars worked out, I will be selling these three prints first. If you want to see them close up, just click on the image and a gigantic, fill-the-screen, image will come up for your viewing or critiquing pleasure.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!


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Baby Groot for Phoenix Con 2019!

Well, I sold out, yes SOLD OUT! of the first edition Groot. Thank you to EVERYONE who bought a print and made that run a success. So, as true Vanquish Studio fashion, there is a different edition for the new year. Ever since the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out (which I really liked), it seems as though everyone just LOVES Baby Groot. And what’s not to love? An adorable little plant that is just too cute even for his captors! I finished the pencils for a new Groot during the Tucson Comic Con and my business partner liked it so much she told me to scan it and color it. OKAY! Here is a sneak peek of the inks. The generic gradient background is just for showing the inks. I’m going to color this one very carefully! Comment and let me know what you think!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Vanquish Studio


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Planning on MORE Comic Cons

Vanquish Studio hasn’t done a lot of comic cons since 2015. 2019 is the year when I’m thinking of doing the Long Beach Comic Con, Palm Springs, Phoenix (goes without saying since it’s my own back yard), and Tucson. That is a total of four cons which, believe it or not, is a lot! Now, would I like to do more comic conventions, yes, but travelling is very difficult for me. Why? Well, I have a 9 to 5 that I┬áneed to worry about as well as other things. Regardless, I will be opening an Etsy shop soon to help people get my stuff when I can’t make it to their city. So stay tuned!!!


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More Coloring Pages

A few years back, in 2014, they did a reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I did a set of the turtles for the 2014 (or maybe it was 2015) movie with Megan Fox and all the comic conventions I went to those subsequent years. I understand that the movie didn’t really do that well which may explain why it took so long to sell these! Sometimes the CGI just can’t overcompensate for a poor story. Anyway, I revived my original inks and made them into a set of, you guessed it, COLORING PAGES!


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Redesigning My Business Card

Over the years I’ve had many different business cards. I actually prefer to pass out postcards more than the standard business card because I can showcase my art. I think a business card is too small and it gets lost with all the other ones. A postcard, on the other hand, is much larger and I think people are more likely to NOT lose it! Here is what I’ve designed so far. What do you think?


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New Worksheet!

I did it! I made a worksheet to practice hatching lines. I decided to take a random picture off the Internet to make a worksheet. I was going to make a “My Little Pony” -type horse but I changed my mind. The horse I did make is good for both directional and small hatching. Maybe I’ll make another video showing my own hatching with it. In the mean time. . . PRACTICE HATCHING!

Worksheet: horse-hatch-practice