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Happy New Year! Welcome 2021

I can’t believe it’s been two months since my last post. It was all the way back in October. Let’s just say I’ve had a rough two months. Now I’m back so look for more fun and exciting things coming from Vanquish Studio in 2021!

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New Coloring Page – One Punch Man


This coloring page goes along with a new YouTube video about reflective practice. A few months back I created a post about the three types of practice – inspirational, intentional, and reflective. I think the most effective and the best way to improve is to use reflective practice. That is, get out your arsenal of adjectives and describe your art. Use constructive words to describe the lines, shapes, and values. How are they working together? How are they not working together? Is there anything that can be changed or modified to make the image “read” better? These are the questions of reflective practice. An artist can use this information to focus areas of improvement and make practice more meaningful. This is what makes reflective practice so powerful and one of the studying artist’s most useful tools.

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How to Draw Comic Book Character Hair

I just realized I did a bunch of tutorials about drawing the face but never made one on hair! Imagine that? How could I forget? This is my latest YouTube tutorial about that very subject, to make up for lost time. I use a worksheet that I made for this video which you can download and practice drawing hair on your own. When you get more confidence, you can use the worksheets less and less. Good luck!

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Coloring Colossus

I have soooo many coloring pages but I haven’t done a tutorial on coloring. Here it is! In this video I demonstrate how to create a metallic texture for Colossus. Enjoy!