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Creating Worksheets

I really have a lot of fun creating drawing videos. It’s also fun to design and create worksheets. I’m working on one for negative shape drawing, shading, and my new one for restating lines. My next video goes back to basics and talks about restating lines instead of erasing all the time. I think I make videos faster than I can make the worksheets to go with them!

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Shading, shading, shading

I finally figured out what I’m going to talk about for my intermediate to advanced fellow bloggers. . . shading! I watch a lot of “how-to” videos to improve myself. One thing I noticed is that there aren’t that many that really demonstrate how to shade. I mean effectively. So I can understand what-the-heck I’m doing and can repeat it for any drawing I do! Anyway, I have my work cut out for me. Here is a quick tutorial about making a dramatic shadow.


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How to Draw the Head in 3/4 View

My latest tutorial is for intermediate artists. I figured I should do a tutorial for other artists beside beginners. This is a little trick you can use so you don’t cut off the back of the head. A lot of times people who know how to draw make this simple rookie mistake. This measuring trick will make sure you never lop off half the head when you draw.

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Negative Shape Drawing

A little known technique by beginners but widely used by experts is negative shape drawing. Since the positive shape (the figure) and the negative shape (the background) share and edge, you can draw either one. If the positive shape is giving you trouble, switch! Draw the negative shape instead. . . it’s a lot easier.


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Use Triggering Words: Ka Bam!

My second video for beginners is about triggering words. Saying your art sucks does not help. Try to use words that are more descriptive and accurate to describe your drawings. These types of words (triggering) will help guide your hand to make the correct marks on to your paper.

I still can’t figure out how it’s becoming inverted and transposed on YouTube. It uploads just fine here.

Advanced artists I haven’t forgotten about you. I have one more beginner video and then the one after that is for intermediate to advanced viewers. Stay tuned!