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Angels are Here!

Aside from being a comic book artist I’m also a devoted Catholic. I believe in guardian angels. There has been a lot that has happened in my life that started back in 2008. It has been a very tumultuous time but through it all I have had my faith. After losing my job and getting hired to do really crappy jobs, I’m back in the education field. It has been difficult but through it all I know that God was with me. I lost family members and close pets. I know that there was an angel on my shoulder the whole time looking out for me. That’s what my new series is about – angels. I uploaded three of them to my fantasy art page. I have more but I’m looking for the right scripture to accompany the image. I’m very excited to be doing this series.

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Artist Commentary

So I’ve been working on my angel series which has been very therapeutic as far as helping me get over events in my life. As I said earlier, I was laid off work four years ago and had several deaths in my family. The last four years have been difficult for me. I’ve been working on an angel series because I truly believe I’ve had a guardian angel watching over me. I never would have been able to make it and keep my sanity without the help of God and my family.  I think I should add a commentary to my angel series so people know exactly what the significance is of the images and why I chose the Bible passages I did to accompany them. I’m also working on getting an online store up and running so if anyone wants an angel print for their home they may purchase one. First things first, I need to find a good printer.

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Painterly Style

As I’ve stated in earlier posts, I feel I need to come up with a style unique to Vanquish Studio. I really enjoy drawing, inking, and coloring fan art and I get a lot of compliments on that style but I don’t want to just be a fan art artist. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing fan art. In fact, I’m working on some more Batman characters which I’ll post as soon as I’m finished with them. I would like to do something to show my appreciation to having found God and having a divine presence in my life. I lost my job four years ago and had several deaths in the family (four to be exact) which have made life difficult. I really credit God with helping me keep my sanity through all the tragedy.
I thought I would use my comic style, or something close to it, for my angel series but it just didn’t fit. Instead, I tried a more painterly style which I think works better. I’m going to continue to develop this style of coloring for my angel series.


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Coloring Angels

This is what I have so far with my angel series. I’m coloring the angels with more detail but I’m still not sure if I will keep this style. I definitely need to add a fur texture to the squirrels which I didn’t do in this version. I may have to re-ink the squirrels so they have a more fur-like texture as well as add it in the coloring. The crazy part is that I have six more angels to color! Sheesh!


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Angel Series

I’ve been working on an angel series lately. I normally do superhero characters but I feel I need to do art that is distinctly my own as well as fan art. The last four years of my life have been difficult, especially since losing a good paying job, and I wanted to create a series that had a religious theme. Why? Because without God in my life I wouldn’t have made it (or it would have been a lot more difficult). I truly need to thank God for the loving support of people around me that helped with the transition after I was laid off. With that said, I’ve already inked seven angels for my new website. Now comes the difficult part – how to color them. I don’t know if I want to make it cartoonish like my superhero characters or go a completely different direction. As an artist, it is really difficult to decide on a color theme and style. I’ll have to really think on this because the wrong decision can ruin the art.

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More on Angels

The past few years have been difficult. I lost a good paying job because I made an incredibly stupid mistake. I’ve been beating myself over the head because the job I have now pays half of what I earned. Truthfully, I don’t miss the work I miss the money. My dream someday is to become my own boss. I would like to sell my art online but, of course, its going to take a lot of time to build an audience. The only thing that was good from the experience is that it strengthened my relationship with God. Like I said in earlier posts, I’m working on an angel theme but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the comic book style of illustration.


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I’m back from the Long Beach Comic Expo, which was a lot of fun! My first interview ever was with a podcast called “Geek Say What?” I really enjoyed myself at he expo and will definitely be back in Long Beach. I didn’t bring any of my angels to the expo. I think I may unveil them at the Phoenix Comicon. I’m not sure if I want to keep the comic style or maybe move to a more semi-realistic style. Thank goodness I’ll have plenty of time to think about which style over the summer, since I’m a teacher by day and comic artist by night.