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Another Iron Man Coloring Page! (Don’t Spread, Color Instead)

This is another original print that I took with me to sell at that first ever comic book convention, the 2012 Tucson Comic Con. It was a small convention back then and has since grown by leaps and bounds. This was another one of the ORIGINAL set. I think I only had eight superheroes. I didn’t quite make them all coherent in style so some were a little more chibi cute than others which were more fusion. Since that time I’ve improved and have developed a pretty solid way of combining Japanese Chibi and American Marvel style into my art.

This coloring page is from eight years ago. Crikey!

It’s another Iron Man coloring page!

Iron Man Coloring page


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New Coloring Page – Flash!

I just looked in my coloring page archive and realized I never made one of The Flash! This was one of my earliest drawings and was one of the original nine prints I had when I first started showing at comic conventions in 2012! It was my first show after a dismal failure at the Phoenix Con two years prior. I actually sold out of EVERY print except Green Lantern (go figure). Anyway, here is a blast from the past, my original Flash. I should probably do an updated version.


Flash Coloring page


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Ideas for New Coloring Pages: Star Wars

Lately, I’ve been working on a series of videos for my YouTube channel but I also need to keep drawing! I noticed my Star Wars coloring page link on the site was a little low in characters. I only have a few of the biggies and I don’t, repeat, don’t have the three biggies Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia (may our wonderful princess Carrie Fisher rest in peace). So I made up a project for myself to fill that page a little more. Now I just need ideas!

I’m thinking about the most popular characters from episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 The Force Awakens. Those seem to be the best movies so far, although my nephew recommends the animated series Attack of the Clones. I also understand there are characters in books and video games that people like too like Grand Admiral Thrawn.

I have my work cut out for me! Stay tuned for more releases.