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Creating My Own Comic…Finally!

Okay, it’s official! I wrote the first issue of my comic. Basically, I’ve been mulling around an idea for a comic since the mid 90’s. YES, it’s been that long! It has gone through many transformations but I finally started writing it. I also have three pages story-boarded. This is very exciting.

I really need to polish up on my comic book style skills since I generally work in chibi-style. This should be interesting. I will need to alter my style somewhat since this is a serious comic. It’s more of a fantasy-adventure and chibi just won’t cut it.

As I learn new techniques to use in my comic book style drawing, I will post new content like videos, downloads, and blogging more often. This should be fun, informative, and useful so stay tuned!

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Ideas for You Tube Videos

It’s been an eternity since I made a new You Tube video but the time taken hasn’t been in vain. I’ve been restructuring how I present my content and concentrating on things that people want to learn. For example, my “how to draw hands” videos get the most views so I’m going to do more videos about foreshortening the fingers, dynamic hand positions, and measurements of the hand. I’m also trying to draw my comic book which means more videos about how to draw in the comic book style. I’ve been researching how to create basic construction of the human form (male and female) and I think those videos will be a lot of help as well. I’m also going to deliver on topics like composition, shading, and coloring.

Stay tuned because some really cool stuff is coming soon!

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New Art for Tucson

I completed a xenomorph and a predator for this year’s Tucson Comicon.