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Wonder Woman

Well the Long Beach Comic Expo and the Phoenix Comicon have come and gone. What was missing? My Wonder Woman print! I was going to have her printed up but I just didn’t feel right about the look of the print. I know I’m being difficult with my art (artists are never satisfied with their work) but I didn’t like to lasso of truth. I think I made it with too many flourishes. Anyway, this is my Wonder Woman BUT she is being re-worked.WW

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Cat Woman

Since I will be showing at the Long Beach Comic Expo, I need to create more art! This is what I have for Cat Woman so far. I purchased a book with all the DC Universe characters. I’m not as familiar with that universe as I am with Marvel so it has been fun researching the characters. I love the pose on this character. I’m not sure if I’m going to add Selina Kyle’s whip or not.

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Wow, it seems like time just flies! Arizona, yup I’m way over here in Phoenix, was just celebrating it’s 100th anniversary as a state (from 192 to 2012) and now its 2013. Happy New Year everyone! Here is my new Batman I’m working on. Why not bring the new year in with the Dark Knight?Image