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Pick a Starting Point to Draw

I’m working on drawing my own comic. Not an easy task but I’m up for the challenge! Before any drawing program, there needs to be a starting point. Where are you at in your skill set? From there you can plan a clear path to where you want to be or where are you aiming towards? I drew an image of a generic, heroic character with his fist raised in a dramatic pose (look below).  That is my starting point. Looking at it, YES! I could use some improvement. If you follow any of my rubrics (I’m a teacher by day) you would see what I see. I need to develop my structure, anatomy, and fluidity.


Okay so I’ve narrowed it down to three categories. That’s too much. I need to break it down further. I’m going to narrow it to working on creating more natural looking characters with more ease of movement, in other words, fluidity.  How do I do that? Practice making an action line when I draw gesture. What is an action line? The imaginary line that runs down the spine of your subject.

I think that by utilizing this principle of using an action line to establish the pose is a solid one that will yield favorable results. So that is my drawing goal. (Don’t forget to create a goal so you don’t practice aimlessly.)

After that, I’m going to read artist’s anatomy books to help me draw the musculature more realistically. I also want to create that exaggerated look in comics’ muscles (they keep adding muscles that aren’t there but it still looks good). Okay, I have another goal, now I can plan my drawing time!

While I’m going to be drawing gesture drawings (at least 30 per day), I’m also going to be practicing drawing women’s and men’s faces (5 each in three-quarter view). Why two different things? I can divide my time and break up the monotony of drawing the same thing over and over (drawing combined with reflection, is necessary for improvement). Also, switching female and male faces I break up those drawing sessions even further. I can change angle and gender for added variety and a sense of freshness so I won’t be so easily frustrated. So I have my drawing session planned: gesture drawing and faces. Remember to always break up the time to avoid boredom or creativity blocks.

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I’ve taught art for 11 years and what amazes me is how many times students just go with their first idea. The first idea is not necessarily the best idea. Here are my Deadpool sketches I’m working on for the upcoming comicon. My first draft, the head was too round AND I forgot to add the other katana. My second draft, I like the proportions of the head and I remembered the katana but the handles are different. I keep sketching until I come up with the right combination of proportions, details, pose, foreshortening, etc. ONLY after I’m happy with the image do I ink and color it. I left the correction marks on my second draft so you can see how my artistic process works. Hope this helps!