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How to Draw Heroic Anatomy with Three Shapes!

As you may know, I’ve started drawing my own comic. The problem? I have a chibi style which really doesn’t go well with the theme of the comic (or the mood or genre). So I’ve been teaching myself how to draw in the Marvel style. I have to design seven demons for this comic, four of whom are male, so I’ve been practicing the male torso. I tried to break it down into its most basic shapes and found out there are about three main ones that anyone can use to draw their superhero. If you can draw an ellipse, a pentagon, and a rectangle then you can draw a pretty ripped male comic book hero that looks complicated but isn’t!

I’m working on creating a “how-to” page to go along with the video.

Check it out and tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks!

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New YouTube Video!

I’m starting a new series focusing on Marvel-style comic book artwork. Enjoy!