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How to Draw Eyes: Placing Eyes onto the Face

The eyes are the windows to the soul, which is exactly why they are so hard to draw. Eyes are probably as expressive a feature to drawing a dynamic figure as the hands. This video shows you how to add the eyes to the face and includes a nifty art hack for creating an eye model. You no longer have to ask a friend to stare into space as you draw their eyes. This was a fun video to make. Let me know what you think, helpful? needs work? awesome art hacks? Leave a comment!

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How to Practice Drawing Eyes

Usually, when practicing drawing eyes, the artist will concentrate on one eye (either the left or the right). In this tutorial, I talk about the importance of drawing BOTH eyes! You definitely don’t want to draw one stellar, fantastic eye and then struggle drawing the other one. It will haunt you forever! Check out my latest YouTube video and draw eyes like a pro.

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Using a Guided Portfolio

Yes, I’ve been practicing drawing the female head and face. In fact, I’ve been researching two books about figure drawing. The first is Drawing the Head and Hands by master illustrator Andrew Loomis. The second is Dynamic Figure Drawing by equally talented Burne Hogarth. Both are EXCELLENT books for researching how to improve your drawing. I think my drawing skills are improving with research and practice.

Here is a video I made about practicing. I’m going to make more videos focusing on the female figure and drawing hands, since that is what I’m attempting to improve upon. Let me know in the comments if these videos are helpful or informative.