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New Video: How to Draw the Lips

In this video I stated that we are learning to draw the mouth but in reality its the lips, specifically male and female lips. There is an easy-to-follow strategy for making lips that aren’t too big and aren’t too small. Of course, after you get comfortable drawing the lips you can expand on this method and individualize the lips for each person. Enjoy!

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Using a Guided Portfolio

Yes, I’ve been practicing drawing the female head and face. In fact, I’ve been researching two books about figure drawing. The first is Drawing the Head and Hands by master illustrator Andrew Loomis. The second is Dynamic Figure Drawing by equally talented Burne Hogarth. Both are EXCELLENT books for researching how to improve your drawing. I think my drawing skills are improving with research and practice.

Here is a video I made about practicing. I’m going to make more videos focusing on the female figure and drawing hands, since that is what I’m attempting to improve upon. Let me know in the comments if these videos are helpful or informative.