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Extreme Foreshortening

Having trouble with your foreshortening? This video explains how to draw Spider-Man in a foreshortened view.

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Another YouTube Video!

This video explores extreme foreshortening. I have trouble drawing dynamic characters. Usually, my figures are stiff and static. I’m trying to change all that with foreshortening. Enjoy!

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New YouTube Video!

In my last video I talked about using comparative measurements to quickly figure out proportions. In this video I explain that idea further while drawing a figure in foreshortened view.

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I’ve been making videos about sketching and supplies but I couldn’t decide what my subject would be for my main tutorial videos. Then it hit me! Foreshortening. I’m going to do a series about foreshortening to make your comic book pages really pop. I know that when I first started drawing, my figures were very block-ish. It wasn’t until I really embraced foreshortening that my characters began to look more natural.

My first body part will be the hands. Hands are so expressive. I think they are a close second to they eyes as far as conveying mood and atmosphere. I’m thinking maybe a 4 or 5 part series. Anyway, stay tuned!