Vanquish Studio

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Check Out the New Art

So this year Vanquish Studio is trying something new – 11 x 17 prints. Almost everyone at the comic book conventions sells in this size except us. So I have made 4 new works with characters interacting with each other (another first). Generally, I just draw pin-up art but this time I tried to tell a story with the characters. Check it out!

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Phoenix Comicon is over!

Thank you to everyone who bought a print! I sold out of Wonder Woman and Spiderman so I can get to work creating a new print in my new style. I’ll have to post my new prints of Deathstroke, Nightcrawler, and Loki. Now that the con is over I can get back to creating new art fot the Tucson Comicon in November!!!

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Find Me At Phoenix Comicon!

If you happen to be near Phoenix on Memorial Day weekend, stop by and say “Hi” to me at my booth. I’ll be showcasing my new art: new Wolverine, Yoda, Darth Vader, the Black Widow, a new Deadpool, Groot, and Rocket Racoon!


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Getting a Booth at Phoenix Comicon

Anyone who knows me, knows that one day I want to show at the San Diego Comicon. That is truly the mother of all comicon events. However, the Phoenix Comicon isn’t too shabby. Its freaking HUGE! I’ve been checking the site for the last two months waiting and waiting. Today, a friend of mine told me that she received an e-mail stating that the artist alley tables were sold out! WHAT?!? I checked the website and it still has the message “…to be announced…” on it. What is going on here?