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Happy New Year!

Well, it’s been about 7 months since my last post. Since that time I’ve been to the Tucson Comicon and the Phoenix Fan Fest. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth. This is a new year and I have new plans. I’m finally going to write, pencil, ink, and color my own online comic. It will be ready by December 2016! I’m also going to be more active on my You Tube channel with “how to” videos. I haven’t been as active as I could be. This should be an exciting year!

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Las Vegas Comic Con

Thank you to everyone who bought a print! I really enjoyed my time in Las Vegas and even got to see a little bit of the WSOP. The big news, however, was getting my picture taken with legendary comic creator Rob Liefeld! I really enjoyed his breakout session and signing afterwards. I was truly star struck because I used to read X-Force. Very cool experience.

Deadpool Rob With-Rob

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Phoenix Comic Con is Here!

It’s here! Phoenix Comic Con will be happening tomorrow night! Check out Vanquish Studio in the artist alley!!

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Find Me At Phoenix Comicon!

If you happen to be near Phoenix on Memorial Day weekend, stop by and say “Hi” to me at my booth. I’ll be showcasing my new art: new Wolverine, Yoda, Darth Vader, the Black Widow, a new Deadpool, Groot, and Rocket Racoon!


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New Art for Dev Con!

I’ve been working hard to finish 10 new artworks for Dev Con this Saturday. Here they are!! I especially like how the Hulk came out and Hawkeye looks awesome! My new Joker is more traditional instead of the old Heath Ledger version. I redid Thor and Wonder Woman to make them more dynamic. The Black Panther had to be made more bluish than black so you can see the inking.

Thor3ws Wonder-Woman2ws Superman3ws Spiderman3ws Jokerws Hulk2ws Green-Lanternws Hawkeyews Captain-America2ws Black-Pantherws

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Online Store is Open!

I’m very nervous but also excited about opening my new online store. Many people ask me about my prints and if they could buy them online but I’ve always said “I’m working on it”. It’s up and running right now! Of course not all prints in my gallery on this site are for sale in my store. Some prints have been retired already and aren’t available. Other prints are being redone for the new year so the 2014 version is on sale. Check it out!