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New Coloring Page – Gambit and Rogue!

Normally, I only draw one figure on a page. With the chibi style, it’s hard to draw figures together because of the enlarged head. The bodies look too far spaced apart. However, I had to draw Gambit with Rogue! That is a classic love story and they are two of my favorite X-Men. Enjoy!

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New Coloring Page – Jean Grey!

Holy cow, I’ve been a little lazy lately about making new coloring pages. I have three new coloring pages I’ll be releasing over the next week. The first one is Jean Grey! Enjoy.


Remake of Colossus Coloring Page

Okay, I couldn’t stand that I didn’t put the texture of chrome on Colossus! What to do? Re do! Here is the remake of Colossus but WITH the correct texture! The left one is the remake and the right one is the original (which I neglected to put the chrome texture on to it). I think the left one is more dynamic.





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New Coloring Page – Iceman!

This is the latest X-Man coloring page, Iceman! I had a lot of fun inking this one which you can see on my YouTube channel! Check out Wolverine, Storm, and Night Crawler in the coloring page section.