Vanquish Studio

How-to-Draw Tutorials

The biggest thing any new artist will hear, or anyone else trying to improve their craft, is “you need to practice.” Practice isn’t just plugging away and drawing anything. It should have direction and focus, otherwise, you will lose sight of the end goal and procrastinate. Or worse yet, draw and draw and see little improvement for a lot of work! In my opinion, there are three types of practice: inspirational, intentional, and reflective.

Inspirational practice is the easiest of the three. This is where you look at other people’s art, read books, watch movies, or do anything that gives you an idea for a project.

The second form of practice is intentional practice. What I mean by this is that instead of just drawing anything, have a plan, an intention. Specifically target areas that you need to work on. How do you know what you need to work on? By utilizing reflective practice!

The last type of practice is an important one and often times overlooked, or done hastily, and that is reflective practice. That is, after you draw critique your work.

The videos in this series are meant to give insightful instruction that will help anyone improve their drawing skills. If you have an idea for a video, e-mail your suggestion.